Eating our way through Cleveland one bite at a time



Tomori’s in Lakewood is one of two places Andrew and I regularly order delivery from. It’s our neighborhood, family run pizzeria. The owner takes your order on the phone, makes the pizza and is often the one that delivers it.

Tomori’s is the first of a few carry-out pizzerias on the tour that we opted to order and eat at a bar next door. We know there are a lot of carry-out only pizzerias in NEO and we didn’t want to knock them out of consideration for the tour because they don’t have dine-in seating.

We went to Patio Tavern a few doors down for happy hour and ate our pizzas there. It’s your typical Lakewood bar – long and narrow with darts and a skee ball machine in the back. Patio Tavern lovessss Jameson and the entire bar’s decor were Jameson signs, bottles for lamps, barrels, neon signs, etc. We ordered Irish car bombs because, hey why not? Since we didn’t eat at Tomori’s, the Atmosphere score was based on Patio Tavern. Did I mention that there was a big doggo that came in and said hi to everyone in the bar? Major atmosphere points were awarded because of the cute doggy.

We walked over to Tomori’s and placed our orders. The teenage son took our orders while the owners (his mom and dad) made the pizzas. They offered to deliver them to the Patio Tavern, but we ordered a lot of pizzas so we just walked back when they were ready and oh boy was it worth the wait.

The pizzas are thin and we ordered 4 larges and 1 medium. A large could feed 2 people with no leftovers. They’re pretty big, but the crust is so thin you could continue to eat the whole thing by yourself (slight exaggeration). They offer a wide variety of toppings like sopressata, homemade sausage and Philly steak. They even have an egg pizza with eggs and truffle oil on top.

The crust has a slight bite and crispiness to it and overall, it was thoroughly enjoyed. Tomori’s checks the box for all you need from a neighborhood pizzeria: 1. great, reliable pizza – you know what you’re getting will be good every time 2. authenticity – not just because the owner has a strong Italian accent, but because it’s a whole family affair and it’s nice to know who’s making the food you’re eating. Oh, and they have really delicious cannolis so extra points for that!

  • Crust – 7.57
  • Sauce – 8.29
  • Toppings – 8.57
  • Atmosphere – 8.43
  • Variety – 7.14
  • Value – 8
  • X Factor – 8.57
  • Overall – 56.57/70

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