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The Brickoven Brewpub

The Brickoven Brewpub

When The Brickoven Brewpub was added to this year’s tour, the name made me think of a hip pizzeria with house-made beer. It’s located in Akron off of Canton Road tucked between a few small stores/restaurants. We completely drove passed it and had to make a u-turn where we parked in a sketchy back alley.

When we walked in, all my expectations of a hip pizzeria went completely out the door. The place has two small rooms. The front room is the main dining room and the back has a small bar. A chalkboard wall lists the week’s specials and beers on tap. When we were there, they had an Oatmeal Stout, IPA and Cream Ale. The Oatmeal was tasty, especially coming from me, a non-beer drinker.

The majority of us agreed that the atmosphere was lacking of any charm and the best thing to look at was the wood burning brick oven. After some drinks, we ordered the fried provolone wedges, pizza rolls and roasted portobello mushrooms – all of which were thoroughly enjoyed. The pizza rolls were like an egg roll and were super crispy and came with pizza sauce to dip them in.

Between the 7 of us, we ordered 8 pizzas.

  • Bacon and brussels sprout with balsamic glaze – the weekly special
  • Sicilian
  • 2 custom deep dish pizzas
  • 3 custom traditional pizzas
  • Peanut butter pretzel dessert pizza

The controversial deep dish pizza and brussels sprout pizza were the standout. The “deep dish” was not a deep dish, but an old school thick, pan pizza. The brussels sprout pizza was salty from the house cured bacon and perfectly sweet with the balsamic glaze. I’m realizing that I really enjoy a little sweetness on my pizza (re: honey on my pizza from my last post). The dessert pizza was also a hit. It had a chocolate sauce and was topped with crushed pretzels and a peanut butter drizzle. Perfectly sweet and salty and a great way to end our meal. Overall, the pizza was good and I’d have it again, but personally, it wasn’t a standout.

  • Crust – 6.71
  • Sauce – 6.43
  • Toppings – 8.57
  • Atmosphere – 4
  • Variety – 8.29
  • Value – 8
  • X Factor – 6.14
  • Overall – 48.14/70

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