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Edison’s Pizza Kitchen

Edison’s Pizza Kitchen

Walk into Edison’s Pub in Tremont, go past the bar and turn left into the room next to the popcorn machine. There you’ll find a small window. Ring the bell and proceed to order one of the best pizzas in the city.

Edison’s makes our hearts skip a beat. It’s the pizza that invades your dreams and makes you salivate thinking about it. It’s good as leftovers, but it’s especially great on Friday nights with friends, drinking beers and taking shots of Fireball. It’s that late-night-hit-the-spot-I-can-eat-this-entire-box type of pizza.

Edison’s is your typical dive bar – nothing fancy, but full of charm. It’s divided into three rooms with the bar at the front, a long room with very high booths and a pool table in the middle and a side room where you order your pizza. There’s also a really nice patio in the back for summer nights.

When you place your oder, they give you a slip with the time you need to come back and pick up your pizza. The pizzas are heavy and piled high with your favorite toppings. They do not skimp on anything so expect a fully loaded pizza that takes two hands to eat so your toppings don’t fall. We ordered 4 large pizzas between 7 people and we all had a lot of leftovers.

Edison’s is comfort pizza. It’s not trying too hard or pretending to be something it’s not. It knows what it’s about and it does it exceptionally well. The toppings and atmosphere are definitely the standout at Edison’s. Like I said earlier, more is more and we certainly do not object. Edison’s also serves their pizza with honey packets and oh my has it changed pizza crust for me. After eating savory and salty pepperoni, the honey paired with the chewy crust gives a nice sweetness that makes your mouth do a happy dance. I save my honey packets so I can enjoy it with my leftovers the next day. Edison’s has consistently been a highlight of pizza tour and something we all look forward to. Overall, we love Edison’s for it’s and it’s an experience all Clevelanders should try.

  • Crust – 7.57
  • Sauce – 7.71
  • Toppings – 9.29
  • Atmosphere – 8.29
  • Variety – 8.57
  • Value – 7.57
  • X Factor – 8.57
  • Overall – 57.57/70

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