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Crumb & Spigot

Crumb & Spigot

Crumb & Spigot was an unexpected gem in a strip mall in Chagrin Falls. It’s a tavern that serves more than pizza. They have bar bites, meatloaf, steak and so many other things on the menu that sounded delicious, but we were on a quest for pizza so we’ll have to wait to try the rest of the menu next time.

When we walked in, we were expecting a long wait because the place isn’t very big and there were 7 of us, but we were surprised that they were able to seat us right away. Our server (I forgot his name) was amazing and amused us the whole night or.. maybe we amused him? We had come from Cowboy Food & Drink for happy hour and were a little too loud for the low key tavern, but our server was extremely attentive and dealt with our shenanigans.

We ordered a bianco pizza, warm olives and a beer board which came with a soft pretzel, house-made jerky, cheese dip, pickled egg and bar nuts for appetizers. I knew this place would be good when he brought out the bread and butter and it tasted amazing or maybe it was the alcohol and extreme hunger talking. The bianco had a nice amount of cheese and saltiness. The olives were nicely seasoned with chiles, spices and came with almonds. Everything on the cheese board was devoured too quickly that we forgot to take pictures of the apps, but trust me, order them all!

We ordered 7 pizzas since they only had one size – 12″ pizza cut into 6. I ordered the speck pizza with smoked prosciutto, pineapple, pickled jalapeno, fresh mozzarella, aged provolone and parmesan. Pineapple and pickled jalapeno aren’t usually toppings I gravitate towards or would order, but I fell in love with Il Rione’s speck pizza that I had to order their version of speck so I could compare the two. The pizza had a nice balance of sweet with the pineapple, salty with the prosciutto and a nice acidity and heat with the pickled jalapeno. The crust had a nice chew and I appreciated the thoughtfulness of all of these ingredients coming together in harmony. I would say that Il Rione had a slight edge and I enjoyed their honey more than the pineapple, but Crumb & Spigot definitely gave them a run for their money.

I also enjoyed a slice of Matt’s mortadella pizza with roasted garlic, salami, fresh mozzarella, olives, red onion and pistachios. I especially loved the olives and pistachios together – again another combination I normally wouldn’t order. Everyone agreed that their pizzas were delightful and extremely delicious. This place surprised me since it was out in the middle of nowhere (for us at least) and I had never heard of it. Overall, Crumb & Spigot offers unexpected flavor combinations that you’ll enjoy.

  • Crust – 7.43
  • Sauce – 7.71
  • Toppings – 9
  • Atmosphere – 7.57
  • Variety – 8.43
  • Value – 7.29
  • X Factor – 8.86
  • Overall – 56.29/70

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